Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bipolar Disorder

Hello everyone!
I just thought I would drop a line to any of you that experience major depression or bipolar disorder!
I have lived with this disorder my whole life and I know how lonely and painful it can be!!! I am here though to tell matter what...don't give up. I have to take several different meds for it my Community Mental Health Psychiatrist has prescribed me and we still have to change up meds every so often!!!
I fight the depression almost every day of my life! I have a lot of mixed episodes of the bipolar/depression. When I was younger the mania prevailed and now that I am getting into my middle age it seems the depression has taken over!
I now have a 10 year old daughter to raise on my own so I just keep on fighting off this disorder! Sometimes it gets almost harder or more than I can bear....but I just keep going!!
My dream is that someday I will be able to just meet a "middle of the road"!!!